Computer Based Testing (CBT)


CBT is an effective solution for mass education evaluation.

CB has emerged as one of the recent "innovative approaches to assessments most pursued by states.

CBT provide paper less feedback, interactive activities and multimedia tools a an against traditional paper based exams.

Types of CBT:

Offline CBT: Offline CBT testing assigned manually and reported prepare much later.

Online CBT: it is computer based testing with using online assessment software. It can be used anytime, anywhere and auto generated.


  • Automatic marking 
  • Less time is needed for marking
  • Grater frequency of assessment
  • Greater flexibility
  • Impartiality in the results 
  • Time and cost effective advantages 
  • motivation of students is increased.

Five methods of collecting students answer in computer assisted assessment 

1. Selecting multiple choices 

2. Supplying: where students type in short answers and responses.

3. Ordering / Ranking: where students order to rank a list of items in a correct or preferred sequence 

4. Matching: here students identify linkages between two lists of items

5. Locating: Where students identify something from a large form. For example, giving an India map, identifying their state.

CBT enhances students performance and give credibility to obtain in such exam because marking is more accurate, consistent and without human error.

It is helpful for studying to reduce the stress, overhead and ambiguity, reduce marketing time, increase the accuracy of marking.


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