Research Aptitude Study Notes, Material - UGC NET Paper 1

 UGC NET Research Aptitude Notes: Are you preparing for UGC NET Paper 1? Do you have the latest Research Aptitude UGC NET Notes PDF?

Don’t worry! Here we have provided the latest UGC NET Research Aptitude Notes. You can check easily check the UGC NET Research Aptitude Notes and also able to download the PDF.

 UGC NET Research Aptitude Official Syllabus

  • Research: Meaning, characteristics, and types, and characteristics, positive and post-positivists approaches to research
  • Methods of Research - Experimental, Descriptive, Historical, qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Steps of Research
  • Paper, articles, workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposiums
  • Thesis writing: Its characteristics and format and style of referencing
  • Application of ICT in research 
  • Research Ethics


To cover the above topics here we are providing al elaborate guide.

  1. Research definition 
  2. Research objectives
  3. Research characteristics
  4. Format of research proposal 
  5. Research Process
  6. Features of a good research study
  7. Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods 
  8. Methods of Research
  9. Descriptive, Ex-post facto, Analytical and other Research 
  10. Positivism & Post Positivist Approach
  11. Social and some other research techniques 
  12. Research ethics 
  13. Application of ICT in research 
  14. Articles, Workshop, Seminar, conference, and symposium OR Research Preservation
  15. Hypothesis and Types of Hypothesis 
  16. Hypothesis Testing Techniques for Research 
  17. Thesis and Article writing 
  18. Formats and styles of referencing 
  19. Sampling and Sampling Techniques
  20. Variables in Research 
  21. Types of Scales Or Measuring Variables  
  22. Plagiarism and its software's

New Topics asked in UGC NET after 2019 are as follows


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