Teacher Centered Methods in Teaching Aptitude

  • It is spoon feeding model. The total teaching-learning process depend upon the teacher.
  • All school level of education is going through teacher centered model.
  • In this model teacher teaches and learner learns.
  • In this model student acquire knowledge and memorizing facts.
  • It is pedagogical approach means artistic and scientific way of teaching.
  • It is traditional way of teaching. Also refereed to as direct teaching, deductive teaching, expository teaching.
  • course delivery through lecture, assignments and exams for summative purpose.

A) Lecture Method

  1. Most conventional and dominating method and is preferred by many teachers.
  2. A teacher attempts to explain facts, principles or relationship to help learners understand. For example, teaching how the glob rotates around the sun.
  3. Here, the teacher is active participant, the students are assumed to be passive listeners.
  4. On-way communication, students never interact with teachers during teaching process. To make it two-way communication by allowing students to ask some question in teaching process.
  5. Students just learn what taught by teacher.


  • It is economical, time saving and syllabus can be very easily covered withing a limited time.
  • It simplifies the task of the teacher.
  • More focused and teacher can teach what they want to provide to students.


  • Little opportunity for  student activity.
  • Limited opportunity to check student feedback.
  • Does not allow individual pace of learning.

B)Team Teaching Method

  1. An innovative method of teaching to teach large group of students.
  2. Here two or more teachers are involved in planning and evaluating the learning experience for a group of students.
  3. One teacher will teach and others are observing the classes weather students are listening or not.


  • Sharing the best faculty for more students.
  • Optimal use of multiple teaching devices and techniques.
  • improvement of teaching quality.


  • Finding teachers ti guide the lecture effectively is a difficulty task.
  • More teachers are required for this method.
  • Not useful for teaching all subjects.
  • Require much time for planning and scheduling.

C) TV or Video Presentation

  1. The teacher present a video with audio. The student watch and understand it.
  2. Then a discussion on the presented topic is done.
  3. The students can clear their doubts with the help of the teacher or by watching video again.


  • Many experts and improved personality are brought to the classroom through video presentation.
  • Specifically useful for adult learners. For example, in LKG or UKC section we first show video and then ask the student to do same.
  • Easily accessible for learners in remote ares.
  • Specifically useful for subjects, such as astronomy, geography ext.


  • Less possibility for two-way communication.
  • There may be difficult in adjusting complicated schedules to telecast period. 


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