ANU CDE M.Sc Botany Systematic of Angiosperms and plant Ecology Syllabus

Unit – I

Vegetation types and plant distribution in the past and present A comparison of pre- Darwinian and post-Darwinian systems of classification

Unit - II

Systematic of Angiosperms: Principles of plant taxonomy and nomenclature. Criteria of classification and evaluation of taxonomic categories. Contribution of anatomy, cytology, phytochemistry and geography to taxonomy. Vegetation types and plant distribution in the past and present. A comparison of pre-Darwinian and post-Darwinian systems of classification.

Unit - III
Plant Ecology: Ecosystem concept, food chains and energy flow. Biological magnification, homeostasis. Biogeochemical cycles with reference to carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. Hydrological cycle Population interactions and natural regulation of populations Succession in plant communities – concepts kinds and general trend

Unit - IV
Environmental pollution – causes, consequences and control. Conservation of natural resources Alternate and additional energy sources Principles of plant geography Evolution of present day vegetation Endemism and continental drift Floristic region of the world and India.


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