UGC launches WhatsApp channel to navigate updates in real-time

 University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched “UGC India WhatsApp Channel” to foster a more “inclusive and informed higher education landscape”.

The statutory body said that through the launch of UGC channel it is “modernizing its communication strategy and enabling stakeholders to navigate the information on higher education in real-time”.

“This initiative sets a precedent for leveraging digital tools to enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in education governance,” UGC chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said.

The initiative also aims for disseminating updates on policy changes, educational reforms and other critical information to higher educational institutions (HEIs), educators, students, and others. Through this channel all of them will be able to “effortlessly access authentic and up-to-date information at their fingertips”, it added.

Talking about the inclusivity, the commission said: “Recognizing that not everyone may have seamless access to UGC websites or other social media handles, the WhatsApp Channel becomes a powerful tool for reaching a broader audience. In a country as diverse as India, where connectivity varies, this initiative bridges the digital divide and ensures that policy updates on higher education are readily available to all.”

The step will improve transparency and allow institutes, educators, and students to adapt swiftly to new developments, it said.

On how the UGC WhatsApp channel will impact teachers, the statutory body said, “educators can benefit from real-time information on curriculum modifications, assessment methodologies, and professional development opportunities”.

Students will also be able to check the channel for latest updates on exams, scholarships and other relevant information.


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