Research definition, objectives, and characteristics UGC NET Paper I Notes

Research is a systematic investigation into a particular topic or phenomenon to discover new knowledge, enhance existing knowledge, or validate existing theories. It involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information to address a research question or hypothesis.

Objectives of Research

The objectives of research vary depending on the specific topic or phenomenon being investigated. However, some common objectives include:

  • To discover new knowledge
  • To enhance existing knowledge
  • To validate existing theories
  • To solve problems
  • To develop new products or processes
  • To improve existing products or processes
  • To inform policy or practice


Characteristics of Research

Good research is characterized by the following:

1. Objective

  • It means research is without any bias. 
  • All other characteristics built around it.
  • Research usually take utmost precautions that  results are not affected by their presence, behaviors and attitude.
  • They critically examine the research methods to avoid any bias.

2. Reliability 

3. Validity

4. Accuracy 

  • It is closely related to validity 
  • It is also the degree to which research process, instruments and tools are related to each other.
  • Accuracy also measures weather the research tools have been selected in the best possible manner and research procedures suit the research problem or not  

5. Credibility

  • It is the use of best source of information and the best procedures in the research.

6. Generalizability 

  • It refers to the degree to which research finding can be applied to a large population.

7. Empirical research 

  • It is based on real life experiences, direct experiences or observation by researcher.

8. Systematic 

  • For a research to be effective, it has to be systematic 
  • It is the only approach to undertake any research work and each step must follow the other.

9. Controlled factors 

  • Various factors may affect the outcome and some are taken as controlled factors, whereas the other are tested for possible outcome.

10. Cyclical 

  • Research is a cyclical process because it starts with a problem and ends with a proble.

11. Logical

  • A good research is logical, implies that research is guide by the rules of logical reasoning.
  • Induction and deduction are of great value in research.

12. Replicable 

  • This characteristics allows the results of the research to be verified by replicating the study and thereby building a sound basis for decisions.

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