UGC NET Exam 2020 Analysis: 24 September Questions (Shitfy one and Shift Two)

 Here are some of the questions asked in UGC NET September 24 in Both Shifts. All these questions are memory based. Please check once before conform. However we are tried hard to collect all these question which are useful to upcoming days exams.

Here we are presenting Two shifts questions in Subject Wise and Chapter wise with Answers. If any answer is wrong and if you appeared the same exams and remembered some other questions please comment those.

Higher Education and ICT:

These subjects are maximum related to each other and that is why are combining these two subjects questions:

1. Who was the founder of Nalanda University? Ans: Kumara Gupta-I

2.How many Channels are there in SWAYAM PRABHA? Ans: 34 ( Previously 32 Two New channels added in 2019-2020)

3. Which satellite channel has been launched by IGNOU for Techical Education? Ans: EKLAVYA

4. In IT ACT 2020 Which section related to punishment for cyber terrorism? Ans:66 F

5.New Name of MHRD is? Ans: Ministry of Education

6._______ is used to send E-mail to large group of peoples at one time? Ans: Mail merge

7.What denotes error in Computer Programming? Ans: Bugs

8.The binary value of 48 is? Ans:110000

9.CD-ROM full form? Compact Disk Read Only Memory

10.Indian First Open University is? DR.BR. Ambedkar University 

11. Expand RUSA? Ans: Rashtriya Uchatar Shiksha Abhiyan 

12. What is Python? Ans: Programming Language

13.What is the full form of NMEICT? National Mission on education Through ICT.

14. What is the full form of BIOS? Ans: Basic Input and Output System

15. NPTEL was Related to----? Ans: Engineering  

16 Matching Question on Multimedia: Audio, Video, Text ext.

17. Ashtadhyayi was written by? Ans: Sanskrit treatise on grammar written in the 6th to 5th century bce by the Indian grammarian Panini

Teaching and Research Aptitude:

1. Which type of Research is used in Teaching? Ans: Applied Research

2. Question on Selecting Effective teaching Factors.

3.which research method is more suitable to study COVID-19? Ans: Applied Research 

4.Match the following type question on Scales in Research.

5. What is the Sequence of Action Research? Ans: PAOR( Planning, Action, Observe, Reflect

6. Research ethics 

7.Which of the following are Learner Centered teaching methods? Ans: SWAYAM and MOOC

8. Class Room Teaching Factors 

9. Which Research has post-positivism approach? Ans: Social research, Qualitative search

10. Formative, summative, norm-Referenced, Criteria-Referenced evaluation type matching.

11. Variable which is manipulated is called? Ans:  Independent Variable

Maths / reasoning:

1. The rate of SI per annul at which rate a sum of money doubles itself in 16 2/3 Years?  Ans: 6%

2. What will be the next tern:6,14,36,98? Ans: 276

3.What is the next term 2,10,30,68,? Ans:130

4. Anil after travelling 6 km towards hast from his house realized that he has travelled i , wrong direction. He turned and travelled 12 km towards West, turned right anil travelled 8 km to reach his office. The straight distance of the office from his house is;


Using Pythagoras theorem.

let x be the distance between home and office,



5. Finding Volume of Cube is Given.


1. The study of role of time in communication is known as? Ans: Chronemics 

2. If verbal and Non-verbal are contradictory, which is best? Ans: Non-Verbal 

3.Barriers questions on - Semantic and Physical Barriers ( Locality of Reference)

4.Characteristics of communication.

5. Communication sequence


In Two shifts of 24t Sept 2020 maximum questions are from pollution, MDG, SDG and current trends related to Environment.

1. CO2 Emission ordering of countries from small to large.

2.Which of the following Phenomena is not a natural hazard ? Ans: Chemical Hazard 

3.Which of the following pollutants can cause cancer in Human? Ans: Mercury 

4.Indian government Biomass production target in 2022?  Ans: 10 GW

The Government of India has set a target of installing of installing 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by the year 2022, which includes 100 GW from solar, 60 GW from wind, 10 GW from bio-power and 5 GW from small hydro-power.

5. Which among the following is primary pollutant?

6.Who appointed as the brand ambassador of the WWE India for the environmental education?

Ans: Viswanathan Anand.

7.Which of the following cities hosted the workshop on " Increasing water use efficiency in industries?

Ans: Pune

8. which state has approved the ground water  Act 2020 to improve ground water level?

Ans: Uttara Pradesh

Logical Reasoning:

1. Mood of syllogism decided by which term? Ans:  Middle term

2. Id the proposition " No men are honest" is taken to be false, which of the following proposition(s) can be claimed certainly to be true? 

Ans: Given " No men are honest" is "E" Type proposition as FALSE. Then according to Square of opposition O Type, I Type, A type are True. That is 1. All men are honest(A), Some men are honest(I), some men are not honest(O)

3.Which praman(s) falls under Baud Dharma? Ans: Pratyaksh, Anuman

4.Truth and falsity are attributes of----? Ans: Proposition 

5.Hetvabasas is a ---------Ans: Fallacies of inference

6. Venn diagram question for statement and conclusion question.

7. According to Sankhya School Knowledge was possible through? 

Ans:  Pratyaksh, Anuman, and Sabda

8.Vasisheshika valid source of knowledge--? Ans:  Pratyaksh, Anuman

9. False argument is called? Fallacy

10. Question on Buddhism 

11. Square of opposition contrary type question.

12. Statement" An Argument is Valid or Invalid". True / False? Ans: True  

13. What are Sruthi and Smriti in Indian Logic? 

hruti works are considered to have been heard and transmitted by earthly sages, as contrasted to Smriti, or that which is remembered by ordinary human beings. ... Shruti works are considered to have been heard and transmitted by earthly sages, as contrasted to Smriti, or that which is remembered by ordinary human beings

Note:  Friends 70% of questions are from Previous Year  question papers. So please prepare those.


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