UGC NET Teaching Aptitude – Concept of Teaching

Teaching can be both formal and informal.Informal teaching is carried out within the family or in community, during initial years of life. It is also called home schooling. On the other hand, formal teaching is carried out by paid professionals called editors, teachers or faculty.

Teaching can be defined in the following ways:

1. Teaching is the purposeful direction and management of the learning process.

2. Teaching is a process of providing opportunities for students to produce relatively permanent change through engagement in experiences provided by the teachers.

3. Teaching is skillful application of knowledge, experience, and scientific principles with an objective to set up an environment to facilitate learning.

4. Teaching is a planned activity, and effective teaching depends on the following:
(a) How clearly the students understand what they are expected to learn
(b) How accurately their learning can be measured.

5. Teaching is a process in which the learner, teacher, and other variables are organized in a systematic way to attain some predetermined goals.

6. Teaching is an activity that causes the child to learn and acquire the desired knowledge and skills and also the desired ways of living in the society.


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