UGC NET July 2018 Teaching Aptitude Questions With Answers

 UGC NET Question Papers 2018 - The National Testing Agency will release the UGC NET 2018 question papers for December 2018 session along with the answer key in online mode. NTA UGC NET question papers 2018 will be available on the official website, ugcnet.nta.nic.in. Also, various institutes will also prepare memory-based questions depending on students' feedback for candidates to calculate the expected UGC NET cut off score. Candidates who going to for the UGC NET exam 2018 must solve the UGC NET previous years' question papers for better preparation for next year. Along with question papers, they can download the UGC NET answer key.


Q 1). From the following list of statements, select those which indicate the characteristics and basic requirements of teaching.

(i) Teaching implies communication.

(ii) Teaching is like selling goods.

(iii) Teaching means managing and monitoring.

(iv) Teaching implies influencing others.

(v) Teaching requires convincing others.

(vi) There can be no teaching without infrastructural support.

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:


(1) (i), (iii) and (iv)

(2) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(3) (iv), (v) and (vi)

(4) (ii), (v) and (vi)

Answer: (1)

Q 2). What is the purpose underlying the use of teaching aids?

(1) To make the lessons interesting 

(2) To capture the students’ attention

(3) To enhance access to technological resources

(4) To optimise learning outcomes

Answer: (4)

Q 3) In the two lists given below, List I provides the list of teaching methods, while List II indicates the factors helpful in rendering them effective. Match the two lists and choose the correct answer from the code given below


(a) (b) (c) (d)

(1) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

(2) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

(3) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)

(4) (iii) (i) (ii) (iv)

Answer: (1)

Q 4). Below are given statements pertaining to evaluation systems. Identify those which correctly explain them.

(i) Criterion-Referenced Testing (CRT) focuses on a delimited domain of learning tasks.

(ii) Norm-Referenced Testing (NRT) requires a clearly defined group.

(iii) Formative tests are given at the end of a course.

(iv) Both Norm-Referenced Testing (NRT) and Criterion-Referenced Testing (CRT) use the same type of test items.

(v) Summative tests are used regularly during teaching transactions.

(vi) Mastery tests are examples of Norm-Referenced Testing.

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:


(1) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(2) (i), (ii) and (iv)

(3) (iv), (v) and (vi)

(4) (ii), (v) and (vi)

Answer: (2)

Q 5). In the list given below, identify those key teaching behaviours which have been observed to be contributive to effectiveness.

(i) Lesson clarity

(ii) Probing

(iii) Teacher-task orientation

(iv) Student success rate

(v) Instructional variety

(vi) Using student ideas

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:


(1) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

(2) (iii), (iv), (v) and (vi)

(3) (i), (iii), (iv) and (v)

(4) (ii), (iii), (v) and (vi)

Answer: (3)


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